About The HATS Headphone Database

HypetheSonics’ HATS headphone database is a self-consistent set of measurements of some of today’s higher-quality in-ear monitors, earbuds and over-ear full-sized headphones. All measurements on this database are produced using the B&K HATS 5128 system. Unless otherwise mentioned, all IEMs are measured with SpinFit Cp100 or Cp800 silicone eartips (depending on nozzle diameter). The database includes information such as sound pressure level versus frequency, distortion (at 80 dB and 94 dB @ 500 Hz), impedance (where relevant) and impulse response. In addition to the measurement data, various tools are available to help in comparing against other headphones, and against given target functions. These tools are explained in detail in the main ‘How To’ section (top right menu).

N.B. This database is tentative and contains certain measurements (particularly for earbuds) that we don’t yet entirely understand or consider fully reliable.